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Akira strikes again

Hyper Metallix, go! (Metal Sonic)

Age. 21
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. black
Location out of the fryin pan, into the fire, Not Listed
School. Virginia St Univ
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Allies of the Great Tokyo Empire
Into the Mekong Delta I go...
Wednesday. 9.17.03 1:47 pm
well well well, it's been forever and a day since i done messed with this puppy, so let's get it on!! well, as you all know, i'm away from home, but yet i get recalled every weekend for one thing or another. as we speak, i'm waitin to get recalled for the hurricane. thanx to that sucker, i dont have classes till monday, yominahoo!!!! ::rolls around like Dan:: i actually got the Gamecube up here with me, had to send the Xbox back home. I know i dont like 1st person shooters, but Metroid Prime is gewd!! i'm playin it right now and all of a sudden, it's givin me Vietnam Flashbacks(if i were there, but it's pickin up from South Park) which goes to the title. one militia leader by the name of Rolento was there and picked up various techniques like the Mekong Delta Air Raid and the Mekong Delta Escape. gosh he was cool, with his Grenade Ambushes and my personal favorite, Hang 'em High, aka Take No Prisoners!! that was so cool... he'd call down his men from the ceiling with a big ol' hook, then he'll wrap it around ya, jump up, hook his cable around the hook and then just come down really hard. fightin games need more imaginative moves like that. but yes, back to the Metroid at hand... the way Samus gotta run thru the land of Tallon IV. The Chozo Ghosts just wont quit! that doesnt matter, i wont quit either, it boils down to who wants it more, and that who is me!! i will conquer!! BOOYAA!! The duty of an Intergalactic Bounty Hunter never rests... I'll be back when Tallon IV is free of this pirate scum.

but i'm popular!! i ran away for a few weeks and i'm popular!! yeh heh heh heh taaaaaaahhhh!!! ::does the obligatory Astal pose::

mom won monies from the lottery, but she wont say the phrase :(

::ducks down then shoots:: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! ROGUE METROIDS!!!


maybe i can catch 'em all!!

yay!!! i'm free!!! i got's em all, ha HA!!!

well, since mom wont say the phrase, i guess it's up to me...

I'M RICH!! BIATCH!!! ::honk honk::

until next time...



::Grins and Grunts like Bass:: HRRRRRRR!!!!

Long Live Me, Lord Akira!!!!!

Ja Ne!! ~_^ .V..

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The Fighter known as Metallix(Metal Sonic)
Wednesday. 9.3.03 11:34 am
hmmmmm. teacher has yet to show up to this class, wont be back till friday. i should change my blog music, it's makin me wanna fight. just me inside of an arena, takin on all comers and hopefully puttin the hurt down. lol. and judge judy sits here sits her, belittling people in her own little way. i'm just totally bsing the blog as of now just to have somethin in it. ::hums the blog song without thinking:: only option now is either Marvel Superheroes or ZOE 2. decisions decisions.....


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Bass and Metallix.. UNITE!! ::wishes for the pow
Monday. 9.1.03 10:40 am
i had a blog almost done, but the phone lines gave out on me, grar! so i'm just gonna give simple version. im at home cuz of Dinotank was shot, it jsut got fixed. now i gotta go to cookout. Metallix and Bass are neck and neck as far as coolness factor, but Bass still has the lead. i've been havin the urges to play fighting games now and i'm about to go to Street Fighter Alpha 2 to see if that'll settle my bloodlust. the reason closest i can figure as far as taking a liking to Bass and Metallix is that I somehow feel alone and/or isolated from everyone else. I wish i could play Sonic the Fighters. This is one of those days where i feel very inconsequential, pretty much like if i just disappear one day, who would really miss me and why? would it be just because of my abilities and resources, or would i really be missed? it would be easier if i were X, for the Buster on his left hand would know for sure. I dont get that wonderful luxury, so i'm stuck just guessin and whatnot. After all i done been thru and the people i hafta put up with, it's kinda sad that i hafta continuously question almost everyone as to why they like me while tryin to fight the first impulse of saying "what do you want from me?" yes, that's how messed up things been. gotten to the point where from most people it feels like i'm just there to do stuff for 'em at their convenience. right now would really be a good time to hop onto that Master Emerald and absorb its powers to become like Hyper Metallix. if only i could have more days where i actually feel like someone as opposed to feelin like some sort of tool or weapon

yes, only the buster on his left arm knows for sure...

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Old and Busted...
Wednesday. 8.27.03 1:52 am
well, i havent done this in forever. been tryin to get things straight with classes. finally been thru the whole schedule and i've only had 2 out of 5 teachers show up for class. only one of those that didnt show have a valid excuse, to the rest of 'em.... WHERE IN GREENHELL ARE YA'LL!?!? today i had an 8 am class. i really dont like wasting time to get up early to go nowhere. of course the teacher didnt show so i had to walk all the way back and chilled before goin to the only class where the teacher used his time wisely. even then it was college algebra and trig. why do i hafta go back and take that class... i'm all the way up in calc 3, linear alg and all that mess, then they're gonna say "oh, you gotta go back" it's frustrating. at least i've been catchin up with more old friends from school. they seem to be doin well. I got Metal Sonic up now, but that's a temp thing. poor Coron, i had to save him from his evil ex.... grrrrrr!! bitch was tryin to start mess again. she aint doin shit on my watch! ;-) i take care of my lackeys and other people that are close to me :-D ::pulls out the Bass Buster and super navi's her and then desecrates her corpse by having Metal Sonic fly/run over it really fast:: but this school is really old and busted. even the net connection is busted. i'm supposed to be on a network, but i'm doin this by dialup. makes no sense how this thing goes out at a drop of a hat. it was funny earlier though. i had stef over and we were just chillin while playin various games like NBA st. vol 2(White man got the ball! ::jig::) and Furious karting(who would've though ridin around on go-karts and hittin each other with bats would be so fun?). one of my roomie's friend, Kelli(a guy), just came in and immediately turned on pr0n. we just laughed and kinda spooked him, but it's all good. but now, it's late and i must retire. these crazy teachers they need show up, dont get mad when the kids dont get up. this is how dem teachers are gonna be if they dont get their act together just gotta have Blues there for good measure :-D

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Hyper Metallix, go!
Saturday. 8.23.03 2:03 pm
man i was mega tired last night. had to get up early yesterday for a stupid parkin sticker. form tehre, went to the lake with stef and her folks. it was pretty decent even though i got shot up enough. after there we went to the rock quarry again.(i guess this is our water month, lol) played with the fishies and skipped stones. afterwards we went to Apollo's. gosh they give you so much food. we're lucky if we can finish 1/3 of it in the restaurant. i had the chicken and shrimp scampi, dat was good eatin :-D we got back at her house and i almost immediately conked out right in her lap. just sawin logs like there was no tomorrow. lol! unfortunately i had to leave and dragged myself back to the room. almost immediately goin to sleep. i woke up the next mornin and got this huge monster migrane. at least i'm not at home this time to suffer thru it with 'em. so now i'm sittin here watchin Lupin, tryin to figure what i'm gonna do with the rest of my day. as of right now, it's funny to watch Lupin and Pops runnin away from somethin together.

imagine Megaman bein Pops and Lupin and Jigen as Yoshi and Baby Mario, wheeeeeeeee!

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It's time for some corpse desecration
Friday. 8.22.03 8:16 am
i really hate validation. the whole process is a painful waste of time. when i say painful, i mean painful. my day with validation started with me havin to walk from one end of the campus to the gym at the other end. it was bad enough it got really hot really fast. from there i had to wait in the sun for 20 min, went inside and waited some more on these hard bleachers. i finally get down to the floor and they were like "you're ok, you just need to go to the honors house to get the hold taken off your account" i'm think "you could've at least said somethin about this earlier or that i coulda got somethin tellin me that before i got here" so i had to walk all the way back across campus and then some. the honors house is much farther than my room. i walked up there, filled out my stupid paper and walked all the way back thru once again. when that was done, i walked back to my room and floomped for a bit. i got up and went home to get the stuff for my parkin sticker. i almsot conk out at home but couldnt cuz i had to get steffie. i get there early (can do that now because i'm free :-D ) picked her up and went to target for a bit, i went to sleep in the car while she got some stuffs for me. i had the funkiest set of mini-dreams, one including a bunch of puppies chasin the brown thing out of nowhere. then went and got food from subway and went to her house. her folks took on a crider and won. 2 down, so many left to go... i only ate half of my sub because her mom cooked chilli dogs! yum!! i devoured that thing happily and then it was time for me to go, so i come back to the dorm and chill. now i'm up again and ready to take on the world. ha HA! wish me luck that today will be even better.

these 2 remind me of the black weatherman that got reparations. he got paid so well he was beat-boxing on the air and was wearin a crown. even had a straight gangsta voice.

the first one is not worthy of the throne. poor dude waitin to get in, that really has to suck.

bawoosh!! ::flush::

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